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Automatic Hair & Skin Dryer

  • Product Name:  Automatic Hair & Skin Dryer
  • Model NO.:  Y3003-A
  • Product Details:  Automatic Hair & Skin Dryer

Automatic Hair & Skin Dryer: Features:
1.Easily operation: Use & stop promptly while handle leaving and placing;
2.Safe & ideal design: Separation between heating Components and air outlet to avoid burning skin & hair;
3.Reliable & Stable microchip control, default setting protection 15 minutes of time mit;
4.Adjustable temperature: 5 grades of temperature setting to follow any people's inclinations;
5.LCD display: constant setting temperature & clock;
6.Patent design: R & D by ourselves;
7.Suitable places: Starred hotel, sauna & family and etc…

1)Power supply: AC 110V/220V-250V, 50/60Hz
2)Rated power: 750W
3)Protection of working time limit: ≤15 minutes
4)Wind velocity: 12 M/S,
5)Thermal air temperature: 40-65ºC,
6)Cut-out temperature of heat protector: 105ºC,
7)Protection against electric shock:
8)Waterproof grade: IPX4,
9)Overall Sizes: 600*200*100mm,
10)Carton dimension:49*44*46cm,
11)Packing: 8pcs/Carton,
12)Weight of product: 2.5kgs